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About Us

We are a modern dentistry clinic, specialized in dental treatments. We offer a variety of cosmetic and general dental treatments, including dental bleaching, crowns and implants, using the most recent equipments and materials in a warm and attentive environment.
We understand that many people get nervous when they see a dentist, that is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and to help you feel as more relaxed and comfortable as possible. We offer flexible schedules in order to adapt to the client's needs, as well as a wide choice of cosmetic dental treatments which may solve several types of problems, such as spotted or discolored teeth, splinters, cracks, spacing between teeth and crooked teeth. 

We offer a variety of treatment options for each patient. We always talk to you during the treatment in a simple and easy to understand fashion, so you can be relaxed and without worries.

Health is a physical and mental well-being state, our smile is important in any social surrounding.


Clínica Medicina Dentária Afonso III Lda
(Faro (Sé e São Pedro))
Faro - The Clinic

Dental Clinic in Faro

Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian Lote MS-lj 1
8000-072 FARO
( Faro (Sé e São Pedro) )
289 862 656
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